Huda Beauty Lipstrobes – Saucey and Boujee

After playing about with Huda Beauty (HB) Lipstrobe in Shameless, I decided to pick up two more strobes: Saucey and Boujee.

I’d never heard of the words “saucey” and “boujee” before and had to look up their definitions online:

Urban dictionary’s definition:  saucey means “intoxicated”. “Boujee means “high class”.

Anyway on to my thoughts of the colours, formulas and most importantly, swatches and (loads of) pics!

Saucey is one of the more full coverage lipstrobes in the whole range. It’s a glittery, reddish-pink, with gold sparkles and copper shimmer. This is probably my favourite of all the strobes and I tend to wear this on its own very often. Because of the duo-chrome pigments, the colour can flit between being a cool pinkish-red and a warm, coppery pink. Saucey reminds me of HB’s matte liquid lipstick Icon, all glammed up.

2017-09-08 13.21.54

Boujee is not as opaque as Saucey. It’s more of a shimmery pigment with peach undertones and gold shimmer. It’s a light, yet bright (ish) shade that I prefer wearing on top of matte liquids as I find the colour a bit too light on it’s own.

Top: Saucey | Bottom: Boujee

I like Huda’s thought process behind the naming of her strobes. Each one has a cheeky, fun adjective for a name, inspired by her liquid mattes.

So if you layer her matte lip and strobe, you could be a Shameless (lipstrobe) Muse (liquid lipstick),  Saucey (lipstrobe) Sugar mama (liquid lipstick) or Boujee (lipstrobe) Cheerleader (liquid lipstick).

2017-10-09 18.57.01
Top: Muse | Middle: Shameless Muse | Bottom: Shameless Muse blotted
2017-11-02 13.06.53
Top: Sugar mama | Middle: Saucey Sugarmama | Bottom: Saucey Sugar mama blotted
2017-10-09 19.02.35
Top: Cheerleader | Middle: Boujee Cheerleader | Bottom: Boujee Cheerleader blotted

As with her other lipstrobes, these aren’t sticky and are quite hydrating. They also don’t move about or bleed. They are glosses though, so aren’t long-lasting, but they do fade evenly, leaving a pretty shimmer behind.

Another thing I like is the option of having a metallic or shimmery effect without the gloss factor. (Very much appreciated when out and about on a windy day!)

All I need to do after application is blot my lips and the shimmer and glitters remain while the gloss is blotted away. (Huda’s tip!)

IMG_2029 2

These strobes can change up (or revive) my matte liquid lipsticks without moving, disturbing or breaking the colour down. I think the design of the heart-shaped angled wand helps with that as well. Application is very easy.

Each strobe goes for £17 and can be purchased from Cult Beauty here.

Have you tried Huda Beauty Lipstrobes? Which ones are your favourites and how do you like to wear them? I’d love to know.

Farah xx


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