January Birchbox: Unboxing and first impressions

I just started my Birchbox subscription and I must say, it’s super exciting getting a box, packed with five personalised beauty samples (including at least one full-sized product) a month.

With these generously sized samples, I get to try out new stuff and find out if they work well for me before buying the full-sized product.


January’s Birchbox gave an option of selecting one full-size blusher crayon from a choice of two colours: Camelia or Peach, for either a dusky pink hue or peachy glow. I chose Peach.

Here’s everything I received:

L-R: Thermaliv Soin Nuit Hydractiv’ night cream, Paul & Joe Beauty Primer, Lord & Berry Blusher Crayon, Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner, Afterspa Makeup Remover Cloth

1. Lord & Berry Blusher Crayon – Peach (full-size) – This was probably my least favourite of the products. I’m not keen on cream blushers and this was more of a chubby stick than a crayon. It had a lipstick-texture that was thick rather than balmy so it didn’t blend too well my on cheeks.

Top: two swipes | Bottom: blended

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner – Charcoal (size not specified) – This eyeliner glided on smoothly. The deep grey colour had subtle sparkly bits that still looked fine for daily use. It was nicely pigmented and lasted the whole day. Even with it being waterproof, I found it very easy to remove with a regular makeup wipe.

Subtle sparkles

Paul & Joe Beauty Primer 01 Dragee (size not specified) –  I’ve had mixed feeling about this one. The primer dries very fast, so I needed to blend it quickly into skin. It made my face semi-matte- which I liked, but I didn’t see any difference in how it made my face powder stick to my skin. My only gripe with it, is that it reminds me of calamine lotion (in both texture and especially scent). Would I finish this sample? Yes. Would I purchase the normal size? No.


Afterspa Makeup Remover (half-size) – It claims to be an ultra-soft woven cloth that removes ALL types of make-up with just warm water. This reminds me of the Makeup Eraser cloth. I didn’t enjoy using that, and I’m not too keen on this either. It doesn’t remove my eye make up at all. Or maybe it would, if I vigorously dragged it back and forth over my eyelids and skin. I know I’d be saving on make up remover here, but is that worth the heavy wrinkles I’ll end up with, down the road? A definite big N-O here.


Thermaliv Soin Nuit Hydractiv’(15 ml) – Now this night cream was my FAVOURITE product. It was designed to reinvigorate and hydrate complexion overnight to guarantee a beautifully nourished complexion by morning. It’s full of good stuff like karité butter, jojoba oil and papyrus extract. The texture wasn’t too thick and upon application, the scent reminded me of nappy cream. (Brings a whole new meaning to having skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom 🙂


What with it being winter now, the harsh weather and dry indoor heating has been taking its toll on my skin. After using this cream just one night, my complexion looked AMAZING the next day. It felt softer and looked much smoother. It was as if my skin had been drinking up on hydration while I slept.  I’ll definitely be purchasing the full-size once this finishes.

All in all, I’d give my January Birchbox a 3/5. I can’t wait to see what I’ll get in February and share it with you. Until my next post, please hit the subscribe button in my blog and follow me @cherrybittenlips on Instagram (if you haven’t already).

Farah xx


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