My Surratt Haul: It’s a BIG one!

I’ve wanted to try Surratt Beauty for the longest time. And after two hours at the counter with my favourite beauty consultant Noor, I left with a massive dent in my wallet and a whole bunch of goodies.


It’s taken me a while to review all of them as I’ve never hauled so many products from one beauty brand before. SPOILER ALERT: Super long post ahead!

Here’s what I bought:IMG_2166Diaphane Loose PowderΒ andΒ Compact – Finely milled and translucent, this powder has light reflective properties that makes magic on my skin. There are two finishes to choose from, Matte and Eclatant. I picked up the latter. It absorbs oils and creates a shine-free, YET glowy finish. Sounds like an oxymoron, but my complexion looks pretty flawless when I use this. I really love this powder.

But the compact itself? Not so much.

The whole “build in mesh filter” is fiddly to use. This isn’t your “pick up and go” compact for touch ups. Which is unfortunate,Β  as the powder handles touch ups extremely well.Β *cue: shine-free glowy skin*

IMG_4513I like my touch ups quick and easy. With this mesh thingy, I spent ages tapping the sponge on it, only to get minimal powder out. Because it’s so finely milled, the powder gets everywhere on my compact. Eventually the impatient me cut open the mesh (sorry Mr. Surratt!) to get that glorious powder out.IMG_2167Expressioniste Brow Pencil Refill Cartridge and Holder – This is now my FAVOURITE brow pencil. The slim holder has a built in spoolie, which makes blending my brows easy. The pencil is retractable, so no sharpening is needed. Because the nib is so fine, it’s just as easy to create soft feathery strokes for a natural brow, or build up volume for a statement arch. I will definitely be repurchasing the refill cartridge.IMG_2156Auto-graphique Liner Refill and Holder – This liquid eyeliner comes in one colour, a rich, inky black called Chat Noir. The ultra-fine and pliable nib reminds me of a calligraphy brush. I found it easy to control and draw a feline flick. However it’s not waterproof and does smudge a little, near the inner part of my eye.IMG_2162Pointilliste Mascara– This also just comes in black. It has a slim brush head so I could coat both my top and bottom lashes easily. The formula is full of “tube-like” fibres which adhered to my lashes, making it look like I had natural falsies on. (Another oxymoron there!) It’s not waterproof, but lasted all day and removed easily with makeup wipes.IMG_2164Automatique Lip Crayon – Of course it wouldn’t be a proper haul (for me) without any lippie products! πŸ™‚ I gotΒ Megalomane, a true blue red that makes my teeth look super white. The crayon has a slight pull initially, but after that goes on creamy, with a thin consistency. It’s matte and very flexible on the lips. It’s very opaque and stayed put without drying my lips out. No bleeding or feathering. Exactly what I look for in a bold colour.IMG_2161Moderniste Lip PencilEmbrasses- Moi is a perfect match for Megalomane, or any red-toned lippie. It’s smooth and creamy and makes contouring the lip line so easy. Plus it doesn’t bleed. It’s fantastic. It’s also retractable, with a built in sharpener.IMG_4687Lipslique – This is the glossy counterpart to the lip crayons. I chose Ladybug, which (to me) is a very unique shade. I’ve yet to find any dupes. It’s a warm, rusty orange, and very much like the colour of a ladybug’s shell. It’s glossy and moisturising with a sheen of colour. This one is easy to whip out and swipe on without a mirror.

Left: Megalomane | Right: Ladybug

All in all, the costs of Surratt Beauty can add up quickly as a lot of the products and its holders are sold separately – which is fine if they’re products I plan to repurchase, but not so great if I decide not to – case in point, the Diaphane Loose PowderΒ andΒ Auto-graphique Liner.

I hardly repurchase lippies in the same colour, but I could see myself getting a couple more lip crayons and lipsliques, in the future.

Wearing the eyebrow pencil, mascara and Megalomane lip crayon from Surratt Beauty

Right now, I can’t wait for the Expressioniste Brow Pomade to be restocked as it’s been sold out for the longest time! Surratt Beauty is available at Liberty’s on Regent Street. Look for Noor at Surratt’s counter (she’s super knowledgeable on all the products and very helpful), or check out the products and pricesΒ hereΒ or here.

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Farah x

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